CES 2019 Innovation Award: Honouree


Hive receives Innovation Award from CES, an award that celebrates the best in product design and engineering for new consumer technology products.

About Hive Link

Hive Link is a smart home service designed to allow caregivers to check in on their parents, grandparents, or friends with ease from their phones. The product is all about maintaining independence, with non-intrusive technology delivering re-assurance for both parties. 

Behind the scenes we designed an “ever-learning algorithm” to power the product, capturing data from an array of discrete devices fitted around the home. The algorithm analyses the data and creates a clear picture of the user's routine. The routine is made available via the intuitive Hive app, where events and notifications are readily available for the caregiver.

When the algorithm detects a deviation in routine morning or night, such as leaving a front door open for an extended period a notification is automatically sent. This lightweight prompt keeps the caregiver informed and empowers them with the information to choose an appropriate action, such as calling their loved one (straight from the app) or dropping by for a visit. 

Acknowledging that multiple relatives often share support for loved ones, we made the service available to up to half-a-dozen carers. Allowing families to stay connected, informed, and offer support with ease.