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A podcast for those interested in design, products and brands.

Over the few months, I've been collaborating with my brother on the creation of a design-orientated podcast, aptly named 'The Design Podcast'. The Design Podcast focuses on connecting you to the creators and makers behind some of today's best-known brands and products. In each episode, we are joined by a friend, designer, or leader to learn from their experiences, stories, and find wisdom in their words.

Whether you're studying or working in design, a product manager, people leader, or simply curious about design – we believe our podcast will offer new perspectives, intriguing tales, and inspiration. Talking of which, we're launching the podcast with an interview with the internationally renowned designer, Gadi Amit.

Gadi is a multi-award designer and leading authority on the craft. He is the President and Principal Designer of NewDealDesign where for over 20 years he has created products for Dell, Comcast, AT&T, Google, and Fitbit to name a few.

This is a conversation packed full of insights, stories, and amusing anecdotes (which even include First Lady, Michelle Obama) from a true master of design.

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